Midwifery Fee


Montana Medicaid

Our fee is called a "Global fee:.  That means I charge one fee for all prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum care.  This fee is $4000.  It does not include labs, ultrasounds, prescription medications or other services not provided by Gentle Beginnings Midwife/Melissa McDunn, APRN, CNM or her coverage midwife.  I require an initial non-refundable retainer fee of $500 due by your 2nd visit.  This fee will be applied to your total fees owed. This applies to all clients who wish to hire me as your midwife. All fees need to be paid in full by 36 weeks.


Montana Medicaid will not cover labor and birth charges for a homebirth.  They will cover prenatal, postpartum and newborn visits with a CNM.  I do accept Montana Medicaid for the services they cover which will leave the client with the charges for labor and birth.  This charge is $1800 and must be paid in regular monthly payments and paid in full by 36 weeks.  This charge does not include labs, ultrasounds, prescriptions or other services not provided by my practice.  I urge anyone paying cash to apply for Montana Medicaid.  Income requirements have changed and more people qualify.  The plan MONTANA HELP TPA which is administered through Blue Cross/Blue Shield DOES NOT cover any of my services, so those customers will be treated as cash paying clients. You can apply for medicaid online here. 


  • My fees are almost $2000 less than just the office fees of a regular OB office
  • At a hospital you still pay for the room fees and supplies
  • A hospital charges separate for each  newborn exam.
  • An uncomplicated vaginal delivery costs around $18,000!!!
  • My fees are less than many people's deductibles
  • My fees are my income, used to pay bills just like a regular job except I really, really love my job!


Insurance coverage can be tricky and services may or may not be covered.  Each policy and company is different.   Each person's deductible varies from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars.  Because of the wide range of unpredictable, delayed payments, all insurance will be verified for out of hospital maternity benefits.  All deductibles and copays will need to be paid by 36 weeks.  If your deductible is more than my fee, my entire fee must be paid by 36 weeks.  Every case will be different. 

Did you know?

Tricare Standard covers about 2/3 of my fees.  Tricare Prime requires a referral from your PCM to me, Melissa McDunn, as your servicing provider and then Prime pays about 2/3  of my fees also. You will be responsible for any leftover fees not paid.   I am out of network with Tricare when they look for my name.  We will be collecting a $1000 client portion fee from Tricare patients which needs to be paid before 36 weeks. 

Please remember that while this is my passion, the services I provide are also my source of income.  Regular monthly payments for your portion are required and appreciated.  All fees must be paid in full by 36 weeks.

Gentle Beginnings Midwife