Gentle Beginnings Midwife

Initial Consultation


I will see you at either our Great Falls, Helena or Havre office for all of your prenatal visits.  I will also do one home visit around 36-37 weeks so I can see your birth space and check supplies that you have gathered.

An initial consultation can be made so we can discuss you, your family, your health and history as well as your dreams and desires for your pregnancy and birth.  Most women are great candidates for homebirth however some women will be higher risk that needs the care of an obstetrician.  I will work with you and your partner to receive the care that is just right for you. 

Please see our Fees & Insurance page to learn more about homebirth costs and coverage as well as insurance benefit verification. 

Your visits

Prenatal Care

Your choice of office locations

Each visit typically lasts 30-60 minutes so we can discuss how you are feeling emotionally and physically, your nutrition, rest and exercise.  I will also monitor your health and how your pregnancy is progressing.  If the need arises for consultation or referral during your pregnancy, I will assist you with finding the care most appropriate for your needs.  Children LOVE being a part of mommy's care.  I welcome their involvement.  This is going to be their new baby, too!


Great Falls office is located at 2300 12th Ave S, suite 112

Helena office is located at 103 E 6th Ave in the Sweet Zenith office-THIS WILL BE CHANGING SOON SO STAY TUNED FOR UPDATE!

Havre office is located in the Simply Natural Building, 1305 11th Street West